Monday, May 26, 2008

The Self Made Man

One of my favorite past times is carving, more specifically, caricature carving. I enjoy taking a block of wood and turning it into a piece of art. I've been a woodworker for years building mainly furniture, and while I still like doing that, there is not a lot of new styles you can do that some one hasn't done already. That's what I like about carving, I'm free to express my self in the piece, I don't have to follow a set of plans just the picture that I've developed I my head. This love I have for carving is part of why I gave the name "By His Hands" to my blog, I love making things with my hands, but the other reason is that I have been created by and saved by the hands of God.
But I digress, my latest carving is one that was rumbling around in my head for awhile and is called "Self Made Man", I think you'll see why in the
picture. I hop
e you like it.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Come on man, think!

Have you ever done something and afterwards thought, I should have seen that coming? Well, it was my turn today.
It all started with the kitchen re-do going on at our house. Today I was attempting to hang one last wall cabinet and it wasn't fitting quit right. Well, trying to hold it up on the wall while look to see what the problem was wasn't working, so...I had a good idea, well it seemed so at the time. This idea was to prop the cabinet up with a board underneath then stand back to see what was keeping it from going in all the way. So I put the cabinet up, put the prop in place, on the counter top, (yea you see it coming don't you), once I took my hand off the cabinet it took off like a rocket, right for my head. Now the good Lord has blessed me in many ways, a wonderful family, nice house, good job, but one blessing I did not get was a full cushion of hair. There was nothing between the sharp edge of the open heavy cabinet to stop its fall but my poor bald head. Have you ever seen how much a cut head can bleed? I did once the dizziness wore off.
So, looking back maybe a slippery counter top doesn't make such a good support, and maybe a man my age should have help with heavy jobs. Yea come on man, think!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Can't believe I'm doing this!

It seems that everyone these days is a Blogger. I had no intention of ever joining their ranks but here I am, starting my own site. The main reason for this change is not so that my voice can be heard, but so that when I comment on my sons blog I am not known as "anonymous". Now to most of you that may seem like a crazy idea but it means a lot to me, and who knows, I my just let my voice be heard now and then as well. As I get more into this I share my info an maybe some of my history, stay tuned.