Monday, June 23, 2008


Several years ago I was down in Dallas for work when one of our Reps. took us to a restaurant called Texas de Brazil. If you've never been to one they have the best food. We had this "all you can eat" course thing where they keep bringing you meat until you stop them. The meats are on a long skewers and they just slide it off on your plate. They were all different, pork, chicken, various cuts of steak. There were a few of the selections that had bacon wrapped around them and boy were they good!

Since then I've always wanted to try grilling some bacon wrapped steak, well today was the day! I started by cutting up steak into small pieces,wrapped them with the bacon and shoved in two of those metal pokers then tossed em on the grill.

The grilling was a little tricky, you have to cook it long
enough to get the bacon done all the way but being careful of flare ups. The results are worth the effort, (of course anything with bacon on it has to be good), they were mmmm good. Next I have to try bacon wrapped chicken!

Here's the way they turned out, looks good eh?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Whew! This is work!

Ok, I've decided that even though my birth certificate can prove that I'm 50, I'm going to fight it, after all there is a young guy inside of me and he doesn't want to live in a old man's body!

So where is this going? Well I've been told for awhile now that I should be getting some exercise, and yes I know it's good for me, but it's just tough after being on my feet all day to go out and take a brisk walk, uh- uh no fun. So last week I was cleaning up the garage and noticed my old bike hanging in the rafters, I thought, yea, I could do that, so down it came. I cleaned it up, put new tubes and tires on it and took it for a spin. It still works, and you know what, so do I!

So here I am, a middle aged man bent over a 1970's Schwinn 10 speed peddling my heart out, getting my exercise a couple days a week and I've found out something...Whew! This is work!

(Ok, so that's not me in the picture but he looks better on a bike!)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Buried Another One

I believe everyone should have a hobby, unrelated to their vocation, that they can enjoy and use to unwind from daily life. I have a couple hobbies one of which I can do only part of the year which is gardening, or maybe landscaping would be a better term since I use not only flowers but also trees, bushes, hardscapes, etc. I love planning and planting things then waiting to see how they all look when their grown.

Recently my two sisters, yes that's them in the picture, gave me a rose for my birthday. I've never worked with roses before so K & D where a great help picking out the right one for me and even helping to plant it, (they have green thumbs too). I can't wait to see it grow and flower, when it does I'll be sure to post some pic's. Thanks Ladies.

It doesn't look like much now but just wait.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

No Gray Hair

Only four more days, to my birthday that is. Now most years I look forward to my B-day, my family treats me even more special, presents, all that stuff, but this year is different, you see next Monday I turn 50. Yes I said 50, one half of a century! How did I suddenly become that old! Just yesterday I was a spry young thing raising a gaggle of little ones and then, Wham! I'm getting an AARP application in the mail. It just shouldn't happen that fast!

During my immense life time I have had only one other time when a birthday affected me this way. The year I turned 33 I had my third child and bought a huge Buick station wagon all within a months time, that had me feeling old but nothing like this.

But I am trying to look on the bright side, I still have my health, no one has tried to help me across the street yet, and so far, no gray hair. Ok, so I have no hair, but it's the thought that counts. So we'll see what Monday brings, good or bad here I come.