Monday, June 23, 2008


Several years ago I was down in Dallas for work when one of our Reps. took us to a restaurant called Texas de Brazil. If you've never been to one they have the best food. We had this "all you can eat" course thing where they keep bringing you meat until you stop them. The meats are on a long skewers and they just slide it off on your plate. They were all different, pork, chicken, various cuts of steak. There were a few of the selections that had bacon wrapped around them and boy were they good!

Since then I've always wanted to try grilling some bacon wrapped steak, well today was the day! I started by cutting up steak into small pieces,wrapped them with the bacon and shoved in two of those metal pokers then tossed em on the grill.

The grilling was a little tricky, you have to cook it long
enough to get the bacon done all the way but being careful of flare ups. The results are worth the effort, (of course anything with bacon on it has to be good), they were mmmm good. Next I have to try bacon wrapped chicken!

Here's the way they turned out, looks good eh?


Mari said...

They were really good! Of course, they were even better for me because I got out of cooking!

Andrew Bruins said...

In the words of Homer Simpson - Uggghhhhh. Good. Feel free to send some of those my way.

Cheri said...

Yummmm- I'm thinking the next family get together we know who's cooking!

Laura said...

Aaron says "Those look like good Bob-Ka-Bobs."

Cherdecor said...

I am slobbering all over my monitor, Bob! I must show your blog to our son, Chad. Or wait, maybe not, my grocery bill will go up for sure!
They sure look good!

Nehemiah Teacher said...

I really like your blog. I think I would really like your skewered bacon wraps.

Landscaping is also one of my non-work-related hobbies. Your may have seen our yard on my wife's blog (Cherdecor).

I really love your wood carvings. Back in 1976 (I'm an old man now) I was all signed up and registered to take a course on wood carving, but an unexpected surgery came up and I missed the class. Never got back to taking it again.

Keep up the blogging. I enjoyed your posts. I know how hard it is to blog regularly. It takes discipline and lots of free time. I've been working on a website on the book of Nehemiah, and it really consumes my time when I'm not working in the yard or doing fix-it jobs around the house.


mjgolch said...

Bob,I enjoy visiting your wife's site and now your site as well. I hope you had a great day today. Big time Hugs and God's blessings and love headed to your household from mine!
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Nancy said...

Yummy those sound so good and look even better. I think I need to try that, and I know what you mean about the bugs they are a huge problem this year.