Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hello, it's me again!

In my last post I told how I had put some carvings for sale on Etsy, well that didn't pan out like I had hoped, so I'm trying a new approach. Next week Saturday, Dec. 5th, I have a booth at an Art Fair in our church in Allendale and am very excited. I am sharing the booth with my daughter, who will have flower arrangements and I will have Christmas carvings as well as some others, (like the fishing guy with the inner tube). I'm hoping for a good turnout and to sell some carvings, but it should be a good time regardless.

For those in the area the church is on the corner of M-45 and 60th, the doors open at 9 am I believe.


Mari said...

I can't wait! It's always a fun sale anyway and this will be a welcome addition to the other booths.

Andrew Bruins said...

Good Luck this time around. I think more people will buy because they know the quality of your work

diy said...

This side of the Pond, in general folk buy on price. Its a fact I accept I've tried selling at the cost of the wood on EBay not a bid.
Hope you've better luck over there with your stall.