Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fallen Fall

It was a day like all the others that came before it, too much work and too little fun, but this day would prove to be different. The realization didn't take long to set in either, the sleep was hardly gone from my still foggy head. I'd gone thru the motions of getting ready that morning and I was heading out the door. As I stepped outside the cold air hit me in the face like a sledgehammer, it sent my mind reeling, "No, it can't be, not already!" Franticly I fumbled for my cell phone and looked up the date, my worst fears were confirmed, Fall had fell in Michigan.

Yea, I know it's kind of corny, but it felt that way, I am not ready for the summer to be over. I had so many plans for this year, a whole list of things to do. This post is also a bit of a confession as well, at the start of the summer I made promises of things I planned on doing for my improvement too.

Ok, here goes -

Every year I make plans to expand the flower beds in my yard. I love getting out and planting thing and watching them grow. This year I had intended to put in a bed of ornamental grasses in the back yard where the old dog house was. I did get the dog house removed and some weeds pulled, but thats as far as it got. Below you can see the empty spot in the middle of the picture where the grasslands was meant to be.

At the beginning of the summer I made a promise to my self that I was going to get more exercise, (it was also one of my first blogs.) I fixed up my old 10 speed bike and was riding at least two days a week, at first. Then the old Schwinn started to show it's age when the rear derailer cable broke. Yes I know, bikes can be fixed, I could have ridden Andy's bike, I FAILED OK! There, I said it, good intentions and broken promises.

There were other things I had planned but I won't get into them here, you get the idea. You are probably by this point wondering what could have kept me so busy for almost five full months so that I had no time for the other things. I had a list, you see, all the plans neatly lined up in a nice column, but one plan one little word had to be the center of attention, that menace was "kitchen". Those of you that visit my wifes Blog, (, know what I'm talking about, for the rest of you it's still too painful for me to talk about. Redoing that room took away my whole summer, whoosh gone! Ok, it did need it and it turned out great, and oh yea, the wife is happy too.

So I du-know, wasted summer? I don't think so, different than what I planned, yea maybe. There's always next year. Yea, I can see it now...


Mari said...

I would say it was one of your more productive summers! You should know keeping me happy is much more important that those other things. And - I'm happy! I love you too!

Cheri said...

You should be very proud of your summer- you accomplished so much and you did such a great job!

Yes I'm trying to ease my conscious for the part I played in the kitchen!!

Cherdecor said...

I am sorry that you didn't get to do as you planned, but you did a superb job on the kitchen. Not many people have such a beautiful room to show as a result of a summer. Good Job!

Andrew Bruins said...

That's okay, I still say you got a lot done this summer. That kitchen was no easy task and you did very well on it.

Laura said...

Well, no grasslands this year, but I think the kitchen was a much bigger accomplishment and it looks awesome!