Wednesday, October 29, 2008


What is it about the English language that some words seem to have more meaning than others? I was just thinking that this Saturday is November 1st, October sounds like a fall month but the name November has connotations of lateness, like the year is almost done, and it just sounds cold.

And that got me to thinking are there other words that may have similar connotations? I suppose your own personal history comes into play in a way, for example "home" for me is a warm comforting word, but I had a good upbringing, for others it may be different. Does all this make sense to you or am I just babbling?

Other words that came to mind-

If this makes sense to you see what you can add.


Mari said...

I think you may be getting too deep for me! I hate to work my brain like that. Here are a few words that come to my mind - Grandma, campfire, Christmas, puppy.
PS - November shouldn't have those cold thoughts for you. You should have warm thoughts when thinking of my birth month!

Cheri said...

Bob- for crying out loud- it's almost 9 at night. I can't think that hard this late at night! (Keep those snarky comments to yourself- you know what you're thinking- like-
you never can think that hard) You were thinking it- I know you were!
Back to the words- a few for me are:

Jennifer said...

Wow. They are giving you grief. They should stop that less you decide to stop blogging....

Sunday drives
breast cancer (keeps coming to my mind I think it is because some people see it as "I overcame it" and others as "it took my loved one")

Thanks for making us be reflective.

Andrew Bruins said...

That is something I have never thought about before. Some words for me are courage, strong, patriotism, and disciplined.

Terri said...

Let's see - some of my words would be:
mother, adoption, blizzard, holidays

Technonana said...

For me... Family, lunch with friends, napping with my grandchildren...enjoying a beautiful day.

Jennifer said...

The election just made me think of a new one...
Change you can believe in.