Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Sissies

Dateline 12/20/08, Allendale Michigan. A "severe" winter storm has hit the state leaving us all reeling and stranded in its wake. HA, sissies, look at me in the picture the snow is not even up to my knees, and they call that a storm?

This is going to date me, but I remember the winter of '77, now that was a snow storm. It was a total white out for three days solid, not man nor beast was out in that blow. Ok, so there was some one out; my dad, a co-worker and myself.

You see, my dad was one of those people that believed that if it was a work day it was our responsibility to make it to work, so off we went. The other guy, Bob G., picked us up in his truck and we headed for Hudsonville, at a crawl. M-45 was bad enough but when we got to 48th Ave. the road was completely drifted over, but did that stop us, shoot no we're from Michigan and it's only snow! Now 48th runs north and south and had some large open fields, which made those stretches of road even worse and one of these spots was just before the town of Bauer and that's where we got stuck, right out in the open blizzard. We piled out of the truck and with Dad and me pushing we managed to get moving again, only to break the fan belt, which was kind of a good thing because we had to hang out by a warm fire while the truck was fixed. Oh, we did make it to work that day, a little late, but we made it.

So anyway, the weather people these days seem to be always shouting doom and gloom when a storm heads our way but remember, it can always be worse, and after all we live in Michigan we can take it!


Mari said...

Sorry to tell you this - but I can't take it! I would rather stay in a warm house than be out driving in that stuff!

Cherdecor said...

I'm with Mari. I don't like to drive in it either. It is nice to be inside a warm house looking out at it. It is beautiful, for sure.

Cheri said...

I don't like driving in it- but I sure love a good storm!

Andrew Bruins said...

Nice picture! You Michiganders are a strong people so you should be able to take it.

Jennifer said...

I agree! If you live in Michigan you better be up for snow. I remember that storm. We opened our garage door to a WALL of snow. It was a riot. We made tunnels into it. We lived a mile back off the road and had to snowmobile out to the end were my parents left the vehicles but my dad would also snowmobile all the way into town (hamilton) to get groceries when the roads were shut down. We had a covered sled he would hook to the snowmobile that us kids could ride in and he would put the groceries in that. Fun times, great memories!

Nancy said...

I remember that year, I got stuck at some strangers house half way between coopersville and ravana. I wasn't the only one tho" there were about 20 other people all stuck in the same snow bank. My car got smashed in the pile up. Now injuries, to much snow padding.

All My Blessings said...

I too get tired of hearing everyone complain when there's nothing anyone can do about it, so deal with it. Right? Kae

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